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Plastic Processing & Secondary Operations Equipment

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Trim Presses
  • Multiple presses up to 75 Ton
  • Single and multiple station
  • Trimming and punching
  • Steel rule, forged and matched metal dies
  • CNC & Robotic Trimming and Cutting machines
  • CNC robotic trimming centers
  • Multiple 3-axis and 5-axis machines
  • Both single and twin table capabilities
  • Automatic tool changers
  • Air conditioned control cabinets
  • In-house programming
  • Horizontal Panel Saw up to 14'
  • Cutting capability and part size up to 14'(feet).
  • Allows us to cut parts fromed from very tough, hard plastic and without the need of trim fixtures.
  • Hot Stamp machines
  • Hot stamping provides customers with another option to labeling. It allows us to burn text, logos, ID information, etc. into the plastic product.
  • Hot stamping is extremely durable and can be done in any color.

  • Assembly Work Stations
  • We off product assembly, kitting & special packaging which is done in-house at our Assembly Work Stations.