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In-House Mold Shop

-Prototype Patterns and Molds
  • Modifications to existing patterns
  • CNC or hand built new patterns
  • Wood, REN, Composite, etc.

  • -Aluminum Mold Finishing & Repair
  • Aluminum welding
  • Vacuum / air holes
  • Water lines
  • Plates or molded-in text, logos, markings, etc.

  • -Plug Assists and Pressure Boxes
  • Wood, metal, synthetic, etc.
  • Vacuum assisted or manual
  • Automated fixturing

  • -CNC Fixtures

    -Trim Fixtures

    -Cutting Dies

    -Inspection Gauges & Fixtures
  • Go/No-Go Gauges
  • Contour verification
  • Hole location check fixtures

  • -Custom hot stamp and mold marking plates
  • Silicone, aluminum, magnesium, etc.

  • Can be used for logos, part numbers, names, dates, ID markings, recycle tags, etc.