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Materials - Plastics Division

TypeIDPropertiesUsesColorStripingTextureUV Protection
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, PETG)Clarity, strength, toughness, resistance to heat, barrier to gas & moisturem, medium elasticityTrays, inserts, dividers, OEM parts, liners, etc.Clear, Standard or CustomYesYesUVI Additive
Polyethylene (HDPE, HMW-HDPE)Stiffness, strength, touchness, resistance to chemicals & moisture, permeability to gas, ease of forming & processing, more elasticity, will not break or crackPallets, caps, trays, inserts, dividers & other packaging components, some OEM applications such as: bedliners, fenders, canopies, etc.Standard or CustomYesYesUVI Additive
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)Versatility, clarity, strength, toughness, resistance to oil, grease & chemicalsAutomotive, other transportation, chemical environmentsStandard or Custom YesUVI Additive or Cap
Polypropylene (PP)Strength, toughness, resistance to heat, chemicals, oil & grease, versatile, barrier to moistureTrays, Tanks, Exhaust Hoods, etc.Standard or CustomYesYesUVI Additive or Cap
Polystyrene (PS, HIPS)Versatility, insulation, clarity, easily formed, less elasticity: can break or crackTrays, inserts, dividers, liners, etc.Standard or CustomYesYesCap such as Korad, Centrex, Solarkote, etc.
Polycarbonate (PC)Clarity, toughness, extremely strongStorm shutters, signage, light diffusers, solar panels, lighting, etc.Clear, Standard or CustomNoYesUVI Additive
Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS)  Stiffness, strength, toughness, very rigid, medium elasticity, versatilityTrays, inserts & other packaging applications, used in many OEM applicationsStandard or CustomYesYesCap such as Korad, Centrex, Solarkote, etc.
Flexible Vinyl Plyable, tough, will not break or crackSeat covers, protective covers, etc.Standard or CustomNoYesUVI Additive
FR Polymers Fire RetardentElectronics 7 electronic handling applications, food processing equipment, etc.Standard or Custom YesUVI Additive or Cap
*** Many other custom and specialty materials available upon request. Please contact us for further information.


- Standard colors
- Custom Colors
- We can color match
- Two sided sheet; each side a different color


- Color striped material
- Color stripe widths:
    1" / 2" / 3" / 4" / 5" / 6" Wide Stripes
- Standard Colored Stripes
- Custom Colored Stripes
- Single Stripe per Sheet
- Mulitple Stripes per Sheet


- Same texture on both sides
- Different texture on each side
- Haircell
- Smooth
- High Gloss
- Polish
- Matte
- Levant
- Moroccan

- Saddle
- Calf
- Colonial
- Crush
- Suede
- Woodtick
- Seville
- Sand Blast
- etc.