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Division Profile - Knoxville, Plastics Division

Formall, Inc.'s Knoxville location is dedicated to custom thermoform/vacuum form and pressure form manufacturing. At this location we specialize in plastic returnable and expendable packaging and custom OEM parts. We have all in-house design, engineering, prototyping, sampling and production. This is all assisted by our in-house mold shop which is used to build many of our own patterns, assists, fixtures and molds. We also have great secondary operation capabilities such as CNC and robotic trimming and cutting, die cutting, stamping presses, hot stamping, labeling, bar-coding, assembly, etc. Another advantage we offer our customers is in-house sheet extrusion. At the Knoxville location we also operate one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced sheet extruders. This allows us to extrude much of our own material and control the timing and quality of the sheet we form.