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Sheet Extrusion & Extruded Sheet

Formall, Inc.'s "Extrusion Division" owns and operates one of the country's largest and most technologically advanced extrusion lines.

-Capability to extrude 25 million pounds of sheet annually.

-Extruded sheet up to .500" thick.

-Co-extruded sheet up to .500" thick.
  • Co-extrusion allows us to extrude multi-layered sheet such as:

  •                 -different material grades per layer; center, top and bottom of differing material grades
                    -capped sheet (i.e. a UV protective cap)
                    -sheet with different colors top and bottom

    -Extruded sheet up to 130" wide.

    -Different grades of material such as Virgin and Regrind and any blend of the two.

    -We can provide any standard color or create and/or match custom colors.

    -Sheet can be Color Striped with single stripes or multiple stripes per sheet. Striping of any color and width.

    -Sheet can be Textured with Gloss, Smooth, Matte or Haircell finishes.
    (Many other custom textures are available upon request. Please see our "Materials" page.)