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Powder Coating & Finishing - Metal Fabrication Division

Formall's primary finishing process is powder coating. This painting process is very environmentally friendly. To accommodate our custom philosophy the system was designed to handle parts up 3' x 8' x 20'.

The system is fully automated utilizing a power and free conveyor system. The system begins with an automatic multi-station inline parts washer and processes through dry off, automatic powder application and final cure. We also have burn-off and refinishing capability.

Painted components are delivered to the various assembly areas by the power and free conveyor system. These parts are then processed with other components, such as plastic, wood, machinery, etc., into sub-assemblies and final assemblies. We use both cellular and traditional assembly lines as projects require.

  • Fully automated power and free overhead conveyor system
  • Automatic multi-station, in-line part washer
  • Burn off and refinishing capability
  • System capable of handling parts up to 3'x8'x18' and 2,000 lbs each
  • All colors - standard and custom
  • Multiple color modules to handle quick color changes
  • Complete range of textures
  • Paint thickness and color testing capabilities

We also offer Wet Paint and locally outsourced E-coat Painting, Zinc Plating, Galvanizing, etc.